It’s Summertime!


Time for some fun in the sun with the kids! The schoolbooks are gone and those last math tests are now just slowing fading memories. Just remember to not let all your kid’s good oral hygiene habits that you worked so hard to maintain during the school year fade away as well. Sometimes bedtime routines and morning routines become a little more chaotic during the summer and tooth brushing can be forgotten. So keep your children on the path to good oral health by reminding them or watching them brush and floss their teeth.

And let’s not forget about those summertime snacks! Kids often eat more ice cream and popsicles and drink more soda and juice during the summer. These treats are fine occasionally but should be served with other foods. More saliva produced in the mouth will help wash away the sugar that feeds the sugar bugs on teeth! Kids should also drink plenty of water as well to both keep them hydrated during these active months and to help with their oral health.

Finally, if it’s been awhile since your kids have seen their pediatric dentist, now is the time to call KidstoothDoc and make an appointment!